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Gabson Engineering Services Limited

Gabson Engineering Services Limited is a world-class firm that specialises in engineering, procurement, installation, construction and project management (EPIC-M) for the public and private sectors. Founded in 2009,it’s a wholly-owned Nigerian establishment that seeks to deliver comprehensive solutions in the areas of FEED& Engineering Design; Facilities, Process & Pipeline Engineering; Fabrication & Construction; and Quality Assurance/Quality Control.

Gabson Engineering provides technical service to the Oil & Gas industry at the upstream,Midstream and downstream levels, offshore and onshore. They offer engineering solutions via a team of highly-qualified engineers, consultants and partners.


School of international Futures(SOIF) London

The school of International Futures is a strategic foresight educator and consultancy set up to enhance the capacity of policy-makers, business leaders, governments and international organisations to use and gain value from horizon scanning and strategic foresight.

SOIF provides clients with the tools and techniques to become better commissioners and users of strategic foresight. SOIF’s methods can be used to improve an organisation’s planning processes, develop a long-term vision and identity strategic options that can be implemented in a range of different scenarios.

SOIF has in-depth knowledge of the challenges faced by organisations in implementing foresight. Our offer is built on the SOIF founders’ experience leading and implementing strategy and foresight projects across the private, public and non-profit sectors in Asia, Latin America and Africa. We believe that better foresight leads to better plans, decisions and result.


UCSI consulting Group, Malaysia

UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting (BOSC) @ UCSI Consulting group is a certified member of the Global Blue Ocean Strategy Community of Practice.

At UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting , emphasis is on strategic thinking and innovation that leads to profitable and sustainable growth. This is achieved through a proven and practical co-creation approach of Blue Ocean Strategy.

To better service your needs, there are specially designed training and consultancy services that aim to help you create new markets and re-create existing ones in a short period of time, at low cost with high level knowledge transfer and skill building.

Training Excellence, South Africa

Training Excellence is an accredited Training Provider as well as an Accredited Assessment Center, with over 17 years experience which allows it to provide its clients with professional Services to enhance productivity and efficiency. Some programmes in collaborations with ACL are:

  • 21st Century Education System Teacher Training Class Programme
  • Career Assessment Personality Inventory
  • Reality Check Eco-Metric Programme
  • Assessing Children with Traumatic Experience and Training the Counsellors

Atacoff Financial Services LLP

Atacoff is a leading Financial Advisory, Accounting, Taxation, Audit and Consulting firm located in Abuja.

Our financial services partners are a team of diligent professionals with excellent track record and people with drive for continual success.

Some of their services are:

  • Financial advisory services and training
  • Advisory services on business re-engineering and restructuring
  • Advisory services on business plan
  • Pubic-private partnership Advisory
  • Accounting support services.

Our Partners Believe in Us

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